• Darci Hawkins

Fresh boxes in full effect!

Hi Friends! During this time of uncertainty we are trying to get as many fresh boxes out there as possible! They are just $50 for 6 meals, so you’re getting one free meal per box. We are no longer parking at our downtown location, but we are delivering boxes for free within a 5 mile radius and for $5 up to 15 miles. Please consider buying a fresh box from us to help us stay afloat during this time! Feel free to call or text me for more info at 541.637.9442! Be well and stay safe and thank you so much for your continued support.


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$50 Fresh Boxes!!

Hey friends! We are offering our fresh meal plan boxes at a discounted price during this time of uncertainty. 6 (good size) meals for $50! Here‘s how it works; •Choose between 1-3 box options •Text or

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